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01/09/2021 Undecidabilities and Law - The Coimbra Journal for Legal Studies - 2th Issue. CALL FOR PAPERS
Undecidabilities and Law's second volume welcomes contributions that highlight the modes of interpretation of values, interests and rights in situations where cultural conflicts arise. All areas of legal research are welcome, from those which reinvent traditional human rights issues in national and international settings, through those which reconstitute the exacerbated cultural conflicts of our times, to those which consider discrimination and the failure to recognize diversity, and those which explore the contrast between freedom of trade and export restrictions, for instance in situations of trade embargoes, or the export (and restitution) of nationally valuable works of art. Deadline: 30th September 2021
10/05/2021 Newton Fellowships for recent PhDs
Professor Maksymilian Del Mar, a colleague from the School of Law, Queen Mary University of London, informs us that the British Academy has recently released a call for Newton International Fellowships. These are highly competitive and prestigious 2-year fellowships for recent doctoral graduates (within 7 years of their Ph.D.) currently working outside of the UK, and who want to spend time researching in the UK. The deadline is 16 June. Anyone who is interested in applying for the Fellowship to be hosted at Queen Mary University of London is welcome to make informal inquiries to Prof. Del Mar: Prof Del Mar would especially welcome inquiries from exceptional PhD graduates with an interest in working at the intersection of law, literature and philosophy. As the deadline is short, anyone interested would need to email with a CV, and a 2-page idea for the Fellowship project by Monday 17 May.
25/04/2021 IX Convegno Nazionale ISLL - Campobasso - rinvio
Al fine di garantire al meglio un incontro reale, il IX Convegno Nazionale ISLL verrà riprogrammato per la primavera 2022 sempre a Campobasso, presso l'Università degli Studi del Molise, sul tema: "Le ispirazioni del giurista. Storie, miti, favole, archetipi e altre dimensioni della narratività." Indicazioni più dettagliate saranno fornite in tempo utile per presentare le proprie adesioni.
02/02/2021 Attivazione dell'insegnamento di Diritto e Letteratura presso l'Università di Foggia
Diamo notizia che nella laurea magistrale in Giurisprudenza, dell'Università di Foggia è stato introdotto l'insegnamento di Diritto e Letteratura (6 CFU) a partire dall'a.a. 2020-2021 sotto il SSD di IUS/20.
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