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20/12/2014 Anamorphosis. Revista internacional de direito e literatura
Anamorphosis is a scientific e-publishing, semiannual, bilingual and of continuous flow, linked to Rede Brasileira Direito e Literatura (RDL) and whose objective is to disclose national and international articles, original and unpublished, arising from researches tending to the production of an interdisciplinary knowledge in the area of studies and investigation in Law and Literature. Information and submissions:
20/10/2014 Anamorphosis - Revista Internacional de Direito e Literatura
It is with great satisfaction that we communicate the creation of "Anamorphosis" Revista Internacional de Direito e Literatura, a scientific publication linked to Rede Brasileira Direito e Literatura (RDL). Its objective is to disclose national and international articles, original and unpublished, arising from researches on interdisciplinary knowledge in the area of studies and investigation in Law and Literature. "Anamorphosis" is bilingual, has semiannual periodicity and receives articles in a continuous flow. More information can be obtained at:
23/09/2014 Speaking Truth to Power from Medieval to Modern Italy. Call for papers
The Journal Annali d'Italianistica (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) promotes a special issue on "Speaking Truth to Power from Medieval to Modern Italy". Jo Ann Cavallo (Columbia University) and Carlo Lottieri (Università di Siena)are the Guest-Editors. Deadline for submission is September 30, 2015; the volume will be published in the fall of 2016. In attachment you can find the call.
15/09/2014 Arrets sur images. Les représentations du juge au cinema - CALL FOR PAPERS
Depuis peu, les juristes mais aussi les théoriciens et philosophes du droit ont commencé à s'intéresser au cinéma et aux représentations du droit et de la justice qu'il véhicule. Ce mouvement est certes plus développé dans le monde anglo-saxon, au sein duquel on le désigne souvent au moyen de l'appellation " Law & Films ", mais des initiatives allant dans cette direction ont également pris place, ces dernières années, dans les cultures de droit continental et en particulier dans le monde francophone. Cependant, la figure du ' juge ' au cinéma n'a pas encore été vraiment étudiée de façon directe et spécifique, alors qu'elle est incontournable au sein de notre pensée et de notre expérience du droit et de la justice, et qu'elle a en outre régulièrement retenu l'attention des cinéastes. ... Les propositions d'exposés devront parvenir aux organisateurs pour le 15 septembre 2014.
12/09/2014 CMEMLL Annual Report for 2013/14
The Centre for Mediaeval and Early Modern Law and Literature (CMEMLL) - School of English, University of St Andrews - is disseminating the Annual Report for 2013/14, which reviews the Centre's activities during the last academic year, and offers a preview of the events we have in store during the academic year 2014/15. Please find it in attachment.
31/07/2014 Visual Narratives - Cultural Identities. A trans- and interdisciplinary conference at the University of Hamburg. CALL FOR PAPERS
Increasingly, cultural studies focus on stories and the narration of stories as important catalysts for the constitution, confirmation, and modification of cultural identities. Not only in times of what seems like floods of images but since images are made a large part of these stories and narratives is communicated by visual media. Constantly it can be observed that elaborate iconographic programs are developed to establish specific meanings more or less successfully as essential elements of cultural identities. To analyse and interpret visual media from such a perspective it is, on the one hand, necessary to develop categories to describe their narrative aspect.On the other hand methods have to be explored which facilitate cultural interpretations of visual narratives and which may decode the deeper meanings transmitted also from times and epochs long gone. Finally, it has to be considered how narrative contents participate in the construction of cultural identities. Other details can be seen in the attached file. The deadline is at 31 July 2014.
16/06/2014 TCRS 2/2014 'Visiocracy'. CALL FOR PAPERS
The contemporary law school curriculum contains virtually no training in the critical study of law and the visual. In today's global web optimized environment, law's visual domain and theatrical presence impacts all aspects of the media and the political and extends even into the private realm. What lawyers and scholars more generally fail to appreciate is that the image has dogmatic roots and juridical tendrils. Focusing on Goodrich's paper Visiocracy and his history of legal emblems, the current number of the review Theory and Critics of Social Regulation aims to situate the problem of the visual within legal theory and legal practice. After the cultural epochs of legal epistemology and legal hermeneutics, configuring a legal aesthetics is becoming an interesting task and a fascinating challenge for current legal critical theory.Other details can be seen in the attached call.The deadline is at June 16, 2014.
02/06/2014 Visioni del giuridico.Proposte per un diritto del terzo Millennio. CALL FOR PAPERS
Il seminario di studi si svolgerà presso l'Università degli Studi di Perugia il 10/11/12 luglio 2014. La Call for papers è rivolta ai giovani studiosi (dottorandi, dottori di ricerca, assegnisti, ricercatori) delle diverse discipline giuridiche. Il fine dell'iniziativa è spingere gli studiosi delle diverse discipline giuridiche e sociali a dialogare sull'importanza della comparazione, tra diritti e tra il diritto e le altre scienze sociali, di fronte al mutato scenario che il diritto del nuovo millennio ci offre. Gli interessati sono invitati a presentare, entro e non oltre il 2 giugno 2014, un abstract del proprio intervento (max. 500 parole). In allegato la call.
15/05/2014 "La vita nelle forme. Il diritto e le altre arti". VI Convegno nazionale della ISLL. CALL FOR PAPERS
Il VI Convegno annuale della ISLL, si terrà presso l'Università di Urbino nei giorni 3 e 4 luglio 2014, con il titolo: "La vita nelle forme. Il diritto e le altre arti". Per consentire un'adeguata organizzazione dei lavori, si invitano tutti gli interessati a far pervenire le proprie adesioni alla direzione scientifica del convegno entro il 15 maggio 2014. In allegato la call con le ulteriori informazioni.
15/03/2014 Contested Properties: Culture, Rights and the Humanities at the International Osnabrack Summer Institute on the Cultural Study of the Law
The Institute will offer a total of four workshops for 20-30 international participants over a two-week period. The first workshop will be concerned with basic theories, concepts and perspectives within the emerging field of cultural legal studies. The remaining three workshops will focus on:1) The tripartite relationship between culture, cultural rights, and the nation state; 2)The historical development and current debates about culture as heritage, property and as a resource and its legal definition and regulation; 3)The cultural presence and representation of the law and the role of culture in the representation and dissemination of the concept of rights. Advanced Masters students and graduate students (PhD and post-doc) interested in taking part in the Summer Institute should submit their applications no later than March 15, 2014.
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